Hyundai 2020 Family City Car Project by Nicolas Stone

With brilliant features and an exceptional look, the final design of Hyundai 2020 City Car has already been exposed by Nicolas Stone. This car is designed to present a new idea of a compact car with a plug-in hybrid, based on the recent revolutionary technology developed by MIT. The exterior shell of this car is shown as latest transparent solar panels that will collect ambient light for generating electricity. This car is powered by a photosynthesis artificial system by utilizing the latest energy model. This super car needs sunlight and water only for its functionality, just like a plant needs.

hyundai 2020 city car project

hyundai 2020 city car project

Nicolas explanations:
Utilizing a new energy model, the vehicle uses the electricity to stimulate a central water tank, splitting the water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen gets stored in special reserve tanks, while the oxygen gets expelled into the air as exhaust. With this model, the vehicle functions like a plant, only needing the sun and water to create its own fuel. The sleek, mono-volume design allows for optimal interior space and utility. Special design features also include layered body panels, unique headlight/side mirror units, and offset seating to allow elbow room for all occupants.

Since the principle material used to construct the exterior functions by re-directing light to the edges, I wanted to accentuate this feature in the design. To do so, I designed the roof panel to act like a canopy, suspended over the roof pillars mimicking a shade or visor. The rear lights themselves are packed into the edge of the “glass sleeve” composing the exterior, to seem as if the brake lights are being emitted from the glass edges.

hyundai 2020 city car project

Using this technology, there were key issues that had to be solved in the revision stage. While the solar panels use highly saturated dyes, this color cannot be used on the entire exterior because it would disorient the driver. To solve this, I broke up the material into three different shades (clear/smoked/colored) and strategically placed them around the vehicle in order to maximize driver visibility

hyundai 2020 city car project

Technology aside, it was important that I attempt to break the stigma against small cars in North America. To do this, I used long lines that stretch across the form, visually elongating the vehicle and providing an athletic stance. In order to maximize the use of such a small package, I used a mono-volume approach to open-up the interior space as much as possible. Another important feature to small vehicles is character… so besides a traditional “happy face”, I designed the headlights and side mirrors to be integrated into one unit that extends out from the body like eyes.

hyundai 2020 city car project

hyundai 2020 city car project

hyundai 2020 city car project

Designer : Nicolas Stone

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2 thoughts on “Hyundai 2020 Family City Car Project by Nicolas Stone

  1. Very Radical

    Assuming we live to 2020 year & all goes as planned?

    Nice concept.

    Id drive one.

    Very Unique.

    Wow NO Gasoline drive.

    By then Yes.

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