Hygienna Solo Transforms A Plastic Water Bottle to Portable Bidet

When you travel in remote areas, Hygienna Solo should be one of your items to pack. Combined with a plastic water bottle, this little tool instantly becomes a portable bidet. It was the result of collaboration between aerospace engineers and award-winning artists, so you can be sure that you get highest level of functionality as well as quality without compromising form and aesthetics. You can easily carry this small tool in your pocket as it weighs only 15-grams and 3-inch in height with less than 1-inch in width. Trust us, this portable bidet will be very handy when you travel in remote locations which don’t have toilets.

The angle of the nozzle allows user to easily direct flow of water to any desired wash area. The shower head nozzle of Hygienna Solo produces a gentle stream of water, in fact, it can be more effective than using toilet paper.

From : Hygienna

Hygienna Solo

Hygienna Solo

Hygienna Solo

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