HYDRO-NET Project : San Fransisco Futuristic City in 2018

How do you see San Fransisco in 2018 ? Apparently IwamotoScott Architects has a totally futuristic vision of San Fransisco that made them won $10,000 grand prize in the City of The Future contest. Their winning entry was a Hydro-Net concept that includes a ?Geothermal Mushroom? at located on the top of Bernal Hill and a ?Fog Flower? on Ocean Beach. Here?s their full series of Hydro-Net concept illustrations.

futuristic city hydro net

HYDRO-NET provides an underground arterial traffic network for hydrogen-fueled hover-cars, while simultaneously collecting, storing and distributing water and power tapped from existing aquifer and geothermal sources beneath San Francisco.

futuristic city hydro net san fransisco

futuristic city hydro net 2018

At key waterfront and neighborhood locales, HYDRO-NET emerges to form linkages between the terrestrial and subterranean worlds. Here new architectures bloom as opportunistic urban caves and outcroppings, fostering new social spaces and densified urban forms, fed by the resources and connectivity provided by HYDRO-NET.

future city hydro net

What a stunning vision, San Fransisco already become one of the greenest cities in the US, but this vision totally remake San Fransisco into ecotopia in 2018.

Designer : IwamotoScott Architects via Inhabitat via LaughingSquid

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6 thoughts on “HYDRO-NET Project : San Fransisco Futuristic City in 2018

  1. San Francisco is a hell hole. The reason I say this is because it's over liberated. Gay Marriage, Liberal Policies, it's a douche pit. And this "vision" isn't a good one. It's basically taking the skyline and throwing twizzlers around and making it crap. Pardon my launguage but blech.

  2. I too agree with first post BUT has Mayor Newsome seen this piece?

    Yes I urge this Project to Revitalize SF & No CA areas alone.

    Ideal project for SF City.

    Great PR

    Now will SF City accept this???

    Place it at City Hall & Mayors office.

    Display at city Art Museums, shows.

    Find Out.

    Poll SF citizens.

    Me I like it.

    Hell, the City needs a Overhaul anyway.

    This Project can do it.

    Very Radical

    Besides SF City is the "home" to

    Star Fleet Command from Star Trek movie serial days from 1980s.

    Why not,???

    I live in So CA.

    Have kin in Bay area.

    Id be stunned who in SF City wont like this project among those 20s-40s age group.

  3. Wow! Very realistic! But how in the f**kin' world are you going to make a city like that. That wont even be thought of until pigs get the gene to fly. I would like to see that.

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