Hydro Bike : Sporty Hydrogen Powered Bike Design

HYDRO BIKE offers a cheaper way to travel. The design of this bike was meant to save your hard earned money without looking like a cheapskate. Powered by hydrogen cell but added with “unworkable” pair of pedals.

Why the need to have pedals?
As long as it has pedals (self-propelled), it would still legally be considered a bicycle in many countries. There’s no need of a motorcycle license, yearly road tax, summons and anything that cost money for owning a bike.

Designer : Imran Othman

Hydro Bike by Imran Othman

Hydro Bike by Imran Othman

With a high cost of petroleum, hydrogen is a cheaper alternative fuel that powered the bike. Zero carbon emission and 100% hot water! With the usual aesthetically suspect such as bulkiness or cheapness that usually comes with the alternative energy powered bicycle, the design of this bike still looks sleek, performance inspired and mysteriously fast.

Cheaper, cleaner and being a “cheapskater”… Who says you need to have money to look cool? Just good design!

Hydro Bike by Imran Othman

Hydro Bike by Imran Othman

Hydro Bike by Imran Othman
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