Hoverbike S3 – Compact Futuristic Hovercraft Can Take-off and Land From An Ordinary Parking Space

Tackle traffic jam with Hoverbike S3! Designed with a monocoque frame created using different types of carbon fiber technology, this futuristic transportation features a frame from a single element, thus providing stiffness of structure. This frame structure also reduces the overall weight compared to previous aluminum model. The ergonomic designed pilot seat allows you as the pilot to sit comfortably at any height, through spacing the axes by 1.9in, the stability of this transportation can be improved.

Futuristic Hoverbike by Hoversurf

Futuristic Hoverbike by Hoversurf

This futuristic Hoverbike S3 by Hoversurf has overall weight of 114kg, even though there’s a law for a weight limit, thanks to reduced weight frame, it is possible to install more capacious battery. The dimension of this vehicle allows it to be rolled in a standard doorway, it also has the ability to take-off and land from an ordinary parking space. With safe flight altitude of 5 meters above the ground, S3 has a maximum speed of 60mph or 52 knots. Fly to avoid that traffic.

Hoverbike S3 features anatomical arm-adjustable joysticks, they are covered with genuine leather, very comfortable to hold. The dashboard is designed convenient for glove use with laser all-weather LiDAR. S3 also includes triple security system: electronic, mechanical, and passive. The electronic system consists of emergency landing, sound, visual warning system, and anti-interference screening. Mechanical system is for kill switch, while passive system consists of power fences, embedded deformation zones, and protective elements for pilot from carbon with reinforcement.

With LiNiMnCoO2 battery, Hoverbike S3 allows you to fly up to 40 minutes in drone mode, but the actual flight time with a pilot is between 10 to 25 minutes. It depends on the pilot’s weight and weather conditions. The passive cooling system operates due to difference air pressure above and below propellers. That new 3-bladed carbon propellers are quieter than double-bladed propellers, they are also smaller in diameter.

Futuristic Hoverbike by Hoversurf

Futuristic Hoverbike by Hoversurf

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