House (Marketing) of The Future from Disney

What do you get when an entertainment major join hands with leaders in home appliances, software and hardware combined with a high end builder? What you get is a house full with innovations like the one recently unveiled by Disney, the Innoventions Dream Home in Anaheim, Calif. It is located in a place called Tomorrowland, and it promises to be a house of the future or you can say marketing of the future, since the construction was a collaborative effort between Disneyland, Microsoft, HP, Life|ware and home-builder Taylor Morrison. With gadgets like magic mirror that allows you to see how you look in various clothes, kitchen that recognizes ingredients and a multimedia interface to tell stories to children, all we can say is welcome to the future!

disney house marketing of the future

disney house marketing of the future

disney house marketing of the future

Designer : Disney, Microsoft, HP, Life|ware via Gizmodo

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One thought on “House (Marketing) of The Future from Disney

  1. Id like to see Disney offer the homes outside Tomorrowland & in locales like:

    Palm Springs

    Irvine CA

    Santa Fe NM

    Orlando FL

    Miami FL

    Sacramento CA


    & reuse Idle homes for "makeovers".

    Take this to HGTV & Fine Living aside the

    Disney Channel.

    Offer homes in some contest or sweepstakes.

    Have family Live in said home in Tomorrowland for 1 year?

    Build same Home for EPCOT Center FL site alone & near Disney Burbank Hqs Center.

    Have employees sample Home too.

    Come on Disney, market this better.

    Have consoles where guests can select Room Themes:

    Snow White

    20K Leagues Under the Sea





    Davy Crockett

    Mickey Mouse Club

    Winne the Pooh

    Star Wars

    Mickey Mouse & Minny

    Pirates Caribbean

    New Orleans Sq


    Have someone Live in said home for Real Time Testing & observe with sensors from Remote locale.

    Use cameras for Security outside.

    Do it Disney

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