Honda Robotic Walking Rehab

honda robotic for rehab

During the design of ASIMO, this technologies can be used to assist user to walk with electric motors. It is an interesting idea, because a lot of people will definitely can feel the advantage of this robotic walking rehab. Honda did not mention any commercialization plans, let’s just wait and see ….

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16 thoughts on “Honda Robotic Walking Rehab

  1. Must for the whole VA System alone nationwide & for Hospital chains as well like
    Kaiser Permenete etc.
    Must for Outpatient use.
    Expand & produce more.
    Must for our vets from Iraq & Afganistan alone.
    Save lives, build lives

  2. Please send information on the walking assist device. I desperately need this kind of assistance to help regain the strength in my legs and hips.

  3. Please send more information on honda walking assist. Also, can I volunteer for testing of the product or any new innovations

  4. I am a polio patient and walk with help of Calipers in right leg upto thigh. Due to obesity (weight around 90 kgs and hight 160 cms) I find dificult to walk around for more than 100 meters. I would like a motorized light weight 3 wheeler board with handles upto app 100 cms which can be taken in Markets, Railway or Airports and on footpaths with minimum speed only. In case you can identifysuch product, I will be grateful to hear about it. Thanks.

  5. Could you please advise if this device ( with any eventual adaptations) is apt for paraplegics not capable at all of walking and where it can be found and adjusted on patients in Greece. Thank you very much.

  6. hi

    my brother is suffering from sci T12 -L1 complete transaction of cord . can give me all the details of this device.

  7. please send me some more information about de walking assist device. I would like to know the price and where you can buy it in europe

    christianne michielse

  8. Please i want some others infos about the walking management assist, and about the price for the Europe (Italy) Thanks

  9. I be been following these Honda Walking Assist devices for years. My wife’s legs are weakened by MS. Could you advise when market availability will develop?

  10. I’m polio was 3 years old and now i’m 56.
    I can walk with difficulty cuz of 2 legs.So,i need this robot to help me .What I can do?

  11. Please send a way to purchase the walking rehab unit to PO Box 903 Hardin Tx 77551
    My husband is partially paralyzed and I need this It is difficult for me to lif him he is 213 lbs

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