Honda NeuV : Electric Urban Vehicle That You Can Monetize

Honda NeuV was introduced at the CES 2017, it’s a new electric urban vehicle to offer new possibilities for customers. NeuV (pronounced as “new-v”). This futuristic vehicle is based on the idea that privately-owned vehicles usually sit idle 95% of the time. This project explores the idea of how to create new value for user by functioning as an automated ride sharing vehicle. It can picks up and drops off customers at their destinations when you don’t use it, it can also sell energy back to electric grid during times of high demand when it’s not in use. This idea aims to create a new business model for enterprising customers, optimizing and monetizing the car, wouldn’t it be cool?

Honda NeuV also has AI assistant that utilizes an “emotion engine”, this is an emerging technology developed by Honda and SoftBank (cocoro SB Corp). Honda Automated Network Assistant a.k.a HANA is a special application installed on NeuV, this emotion engine would learn from the driver by detecting his/her emotion based on the past decision, make new choices and recommendations. This car assistant would be able to check on driver’s emotional well-being, recommending music based on mood while supporting owner’s daily driving routine.

From : Honda

Honda NeuV Concept Car

Honda NeuV Concept Car

Inside the car, you will be presented by a full touch panel interface where both driver and passenger can access for simple and convenient user experience. It’s a two-seat vehicle with a storage area at the back. The headerless windshield provides outstanding outward visibility while dramatically sloping belt line allows for easy maneuvering.

Honda NeuV Concept Car

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