Himalaya Water Tower Saves Water for Future Generations

Himalaya Water Tower concept is the winner 2012 Skyscraper competition held by eVolo Magazine. Situated in the high Himalayan mountain range, this skyscraper is responsible to store water and help regulate its distribution to the land below as the mountains natural supplies dry up. Based on Wikipedia, The Himalayan range encompasses about 15,000 glaciers, which store about 12,000 km3 of world’s freshwater. Due to climate change, these massive ice sheets are melting faster than ever that put villages and cities even the continent of Asia at risk of flooding.

Himalaya Water Tower structure has been designed to enable mass production or replication. It will collect water in the rainy season, purify it, freeze it into ice and store it for future use. This tower can also schedule its water distribution to meet the needs of residents below while at the same time save water for our future generations.

Designers : Zhi Zheng, Hongchuan Zhao, Dongbai Song

Himalaya Water Tower by Zhi Zheng, Hongchuan Zhao, Dongbai Song

Himalaya Water Tower by Zhi Zheng, Hongchuan Zhao, Dongbai Song

The lower part of the Himalaya Water tower is comprised of six stem-like pipes that curve and wind together and collect and store water. Like the stem of a plant, these pipes grow strong as they absorb their maximum water capacity. In each of the six stems, a core tube is flanked by levels and levels of cells, which hold the water. The upper part of the building – the part that is visible above the snow line – is used for frozen storage. Four massive cores support steel cylindrical frames that, like the stems below, hold levels that radiate out, creating four steel tubes filled with ice. In between the two sections are mechanical systems that help freeze the water when the climatic conditions aren’t able to do so, purify the water and regulate the distribution of water and ice throughout the structure.

At the bottom of the Himalaya Water tower structure, surrounding the six intertwined water tubes is a transport system that regulates fresh water distribution to the towns and cities below. The curving channels connect the mountains to the villages, and are also hold within them a railway for the transport of people and goods.

Himalaya Water Tower by Zhi Zheng, Hongchuan Zhao, Dongbai Song

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