Hi-CT Hybrid Car Concept from Toyota

First impression at Toyota Hi-CT car might not make you say “wow”, well we agree that the design is somehow not as stylish as we expect it. On the other hand, Toyota’s team of you Japanese and European designers claimed that Hi-CT is a reflection of what a cool and great vehicle should look like, they want to create something that make people stop and take a good look.

The Hi-CT is a plug-in hybrid with a 1.5L motor and uses lithium-ion batteries, which are located underneath the floor of the vehicle in order to maximize the interior space of the car. While it looks quite boxy and big, it is in fact quite small. The entire vehicle is 3.3 meters long, 1.6 meters wide and 1.7 meters high. It is, effectively, a cube on wheels. Due to the tiny size, it can only carry two persons. However, being a “lifestyle” car, there’s enough space inside it for everything that an active user or two could need. The rear trunk can be modified so that surfboards, bicycles and camping equipment can be carried around for those days where you need to get out to nature.

Looking at inside of the car, we might hear you say “wow” because of its futuristic design, the exterior now doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

toyota hybrid car hi ct

toyota car hi ct

toyota hi ct green technology

toyota hybrid car hi ct eco friendly

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13 thoughts on “Hi-CT Hybrid Car Concept from Toyota

  1. this is the ugliest car in the world and has no style at all plus it would be dangerous to even drive, if anyone hit you , you would have to be buried in the car…it would do lousy in the wind also, use common sense, in this day and age when everyone is failing and companies are falling you need to use your brain and stop wasting the consumers time and money ….

  2. Rae is an example of the type of consumer that looks back instead of looking forward. I hate to say "moron" but it's screaming at me like a banshee.

    This isn't a waste of time, it's a future car. You seriously can't expect people to still like the same boring form of cars that people like today? It is people like you that are responsible for the downfall of the American car industry. You don't look to the future, you don't have any optimism and you think the only real cars that succeed are those that don't break the mold.

    At the end of the day the real success for the future won't come out of boxy bigger than life trucks and suv's that take up the entire 4 lane road.

  3. -Furthermore you made the false argument that the size of the car somehow equals the safety of it. That at one point was the case. That is no longer the case with denser and stronger materials being developed herein.

    • I'm glad that my concept of what is acceptably futuristic doesn't just fall in line with what is placed in front of me. Steven are you exercising your opinion that this is futuristic or are you just going along with claims that some manufacturer is making? Is your reality that limited? Just because Rae thinks this vehicle appears ridiculous does that automatically indicate that Rae is living in the past and has no alternative concept to what is pictured above? Likely this is going to reflect the thinking of vehicle designers as well. The future my friend is not limited to one idea. The future is based on opinion as well and is numerous in potential outcomes. Not all versions of the future revolve around a box with 4 wheels and any alternative is not limited to going back in time.

  4. This “Hi-CT” runs partly on fuel and partly on batteries – comes with an AC100V accessory socket that enables it to store electricity. Oh, and with it transparent, clear roof you will be able to experience a greenhouse atmosphere as you drive… Warm!

  5. Don’t get me wrong here – the interior gets two thumbs up from me. It’s just that the exterior needs some work. It almost looks like a big box on wheels.

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