Heart Rate MP3 by Amie Lim

The Heart Rate MP3 can keep track of your heart and still play your favorite music while you exercise. Simply put the special chest strap on and the Heart Rate MP3 will monitor your heart rate. Measuring number of beats per minute and even keeping track of changes through your exercise session. You can check out statistics on the screen or even have the Heart Rate MP3 read them out loud to you.

“Listen to the rhythm of your music while the Heart Rate MP3 listens to the rhythm of your heart!”

heart rate mp3 with chest strap

heart rate by amie lim

Designer : Amie Lim

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6 thoughts on “Heart Rate MP3 by Amie Lim

  1. It seems like this mp3 and heart rate monitor would be an obvious toy for exercise geeks. I don't know why its taking so long to get it produced. Oregon Scientific has an FM radio combined with a talking heart rate monitor for about $60 direct from thier website so it seems that they could bring an MP3 version to market pretty soon, but so far the only one I found available now is the Swirl and they want a hefty monthly fee. http://www.swirlfit.com Somebody hurry and and sell these, I want one.

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