Headbanger Headphones For Outdoor Extreme Sports and Street Dancers

For those who love listening to music while working, it can be pretty difficult to have the ear bud in place oftentimes. To clear off the trouble, Benjamin Lotte, an industrial designer has come up with an excellent piece of headphone, the Headbanger. These unique headphones work great for athletes, keeping the head phones firmly held to the user’s head and do not fall off with each jump. Athletes usually don’t sit in a place, but wander about to warm up for their sports. This handy headband would form a perfect companion during warm up and keeps the tracks playing without having to worry about it falling off the head.

Headbands are gaining immense popularity in today’s world where hip-hop culture dominates the present fashion world. Available in various customizable color schemes, athletes can match a scheme with their workout attire. This awe-inspiring headband comes with an added feature, meaning it can be customized with similar accent pieces. With no compromise to the sound quality, the Headbanger would give a stylish look to the wearer and beat up other models with its unparalleled performance.

Designer : Benjamin Lotte

Skullcandy Headbanger

Skullcandy Headbanger

Skullcandy Headbanger

Skullcandy Headbanger

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