Haptica Braille Watch Concept

It is by knowing and seeing the time that we schedule our day. The first we do in the morning is look at the time because of which we plan our day and come to know that how much time to spend in a particular work. We can do this because we can see the time with the help of our watches. But what about the people who are not as lucky as we are, the people who are blind.

Haptica is a movable Braille timepiece for the visually impaired, which enables the user to get a quick and accurate time reading while maintaining user discretion. Now one would think that many digital watches are available for this very purpose, but those watches annoy the user whereas when it comes to Haptica it allows the user to use it without drawing others attention.

In today’s world even the blind people are working in good positions and taking up challenges. Being not able to see the time doesn’t mean that time is not important for them, here we have brought an world best product for the people who do not give up to the negative situations faced in their life.

[Update] David has started a project to produce this watch into reality, read more in this page Haptica Braille Watch Project

Designer : David Chavez

haptica watch for vision impaired

haptica watch for vision impaired

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17 thoughts on “Haptica Braille Watch Concept

  1. Hello

    I am a Product Manager at the RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) and am very interested in the Haptica braille watch concept. I just wanted to know whether this design had been brought to market yet and if you have a manufacturer? We are always interested in developing our range and this watch looks very innovative. I look forward to hearing from you.


    John Whytock

  2. hi… i am a biomedical student and i need to understand the basics of this device to develop a project on similar basis… i would be grateful if you could help me out with it

  3. I would think they will need to snap into position, this is probably why we have not seen these selling anywhere yet, the mechanics may need an inventor to take the concept further, I would think servos electronically lifting dots into place or retracting them would fix the time to rotate, it could even have seconds, but I would not offer miliseconds as I am not sure how fast tactile sight could "see" the change, plus it may cause problems in "seeing" braille after pausing over the fast changing milisecond digits.

  4. I’m a product Supervisor at the RNIB (Royal National Initiate involving Shades People) in addition to was quite considering your Haptica braille watch idea. I merely wished to know no matter whether this design have been exposed to current market still in addition to should you have some sort of company? I am generally considering developing our range and this watch seems to be quite progressive. My partner and i expect hearing through people.

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