Gruve is A Personal Energy Burning Monitoring System

Devices that assess power consumption of a house are very much familiar with us. But how many of you have seen a device that measures your body surrounding power consumption? Worrell is a design firm based on Minnesota has designed such a device named Gruve which is a personal energy-burning monitoring system based on Dr Jim Levine’s research. He discovered that it is possible to lose unnecessary weight by being active all through the day which will shut the metabolism down. Gruve is a tri-axial accelerometer that can indicate the progress of an individual against his or her pre-measured metabolism by monitoring the individual’s every movement all through the day.

gruve tracks your burn rate

gruve tracks your burn rate

Text from the website:
Dr. Jim Levine of the Mayo clinic discovered that if people are active throughout the day by being reminded to move or stop being inactive they could keep their metabolism from shutting down and therefore be able to lose unwanted weight. Through his research he strove to better understand the benefits of non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) and came up with the concept for a wearable device.

He determined the key was a system that could calculate an individual’s metabolic pattern and measure calorie burn throughout a day’s activity and then relay targeted caloric intake to the user. He needed a device that not only monitored and measured an individual’s every movement in a 24-hour period but also prompt the individual to get up and initiate activity before their metabolism slows. The Pelegrin Partners licensed Dr. Levine’s technology and founded the company to take this important weight management opportunity into commercial practice.

gruve tracks your burn rate

gruve tracks your burn rate

Designer : Worrell

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One thought on “Gruve is A Personal Energy Burning Monitoring System

  1. The Gruve is great! I have tried other activity/calorie trackers like the BodyBugg but have not had a good experience- the unit is bulky and uncomfortable and I don't always like wearing the watch for the same reasons. The Gruve is sleek, small and offers real time feedback on my progress through-out the day. I can't say enough good things about the Gruve.

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