GPinto ON – Modern Plug and Play Turntable

GPinto ON is created by Giuseppe Pinto, the first plug and play turntable that features very compact size at only 6.5cm high. ON turntable is based on the evolution of electronics, it has the ability to receive all kind of sources, both analog and digital. Old/New = ON, this device can be connected to your computer through USB cable or any other mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, or music players. You can also use Bluetooth aptX audio receiver to connect it with your Bluetooth enabled devices. Each unit has a valve preamp with dedicated power supply and amplifiers ranging from 100 up to 500 Watts RMS.

The modern design features CORIAN plinth and platter with veneer of first choice woods, the combination represents the philosophy of audio sources harmony, from analog to high-def. digital. The overall materials and design make GPinto ON a timeless object.

Designer : GPinto

GPinto ON Plug and Play Turntable

GPinto ON Plug and Play Turntable

GPinto ON Plug and Play Turntable

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