Google Self-Driving Car Could Be The Future of Our Mobility

Google has released some images related to its Self Driving car project, it looks like a toy though, cute and compact. The progress looks good so far, imagine that you can go downtown for lunch without having to deal with the burden of driving or wasting 20 minutes to find parking. If this project comes to reality, we can kiss good bye to drunk and distracted driving.

Currently, Google is building some prototypes to make sure the car operates safely and autonomously without any human intervention. Google Self-Driving car won’t have any steering wheel, accelerator/brake pedal, because you don’t need them. The power lies within the software and sensors that do all the hard work for passengers. Simply press the start button, this car would take you anywhere you want to go, this should be the future of our mobility.

Designer : Google

Google Self-Driving Car

Google Self-Driving Car

The main focus of this project is the safety. This concept car is equipped with sensors to avoid blind spots, they have to be able to detect objects out to a distance of more than 2 football fields in all directions, especially when they are on a busy streets with lots of intersections. The interior has been designed for learning instead of luxury, it focuses on keeping passengers comfort at maximum, there are two seats with seatbelts, some space for passengers belongings, start/stop buttons, and a screen to display the route.

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One thought on “Google Self-Driving Car Could Be The Future of Our Mobility

  1. Must for tourism rental nationwide IE tour Gettysburg battle site or Old Williamsburg VA
    Need more space for luggage, groceries.
    Need later 4 passenger model.
    Rent for testing aside std Test driving select public for consumer daily use.
    (log in Real time data).
    Need mobile support vans to aid Units nationwide in select cities.

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