Gluco(M) Wristband Monitors Your Blood Glucose Levels

With the widespread of diabetics among almost all range of people around, medical equipment manufacturers are introducing various products everyday. The Gluco(M) Wristband is a concept medical device that offers three major functions to diabetics: non-invasive and instant glucose reading, storing previous readings history with averages, and an extremely useful insulin chamber with loaded syringe cartridge. This innovative product is featured with ‘Reverse Iontophoresis’ technology and collects glucose samples from body fluids by using an electric current flowing throughout the sensors. The readings are shown on the back-lit LED display and different required buttons for operating this device are placed at the edge of this device.

glucom medical wristband

glucom medical wristband

Text from Eli :
The Gluco(M) is a medical concept that provides diabetics with three functions: instant and non-invasive glucose readings, history of previous readings with averages, and an insulin chamber with a loaded syringe cartridge for injections.

glucom medical wristband

Diabetics must monitor their own blood glucose levels times a day, to determine how far above or below normal their glucose is and to determine how much insulin(s) they may need. This is usually done by placing a drop of blood from a skin prick onto a glucose strip and then inserting the strip into a glucose meter, a small machine that provides a digital readout of the blood glucose level.

glucom medical wristband

The Gluco(M) uses a technology known as “reverse iontophoresis.” By using an electric current running throughout the sensors, it collects glucose samples from fluids in the body. The device is then able to read the sample and give a reading. With this technology, diabetics can keep a much closer watch on their glucose levels and avoid the problems that may occurs from having levels too high or low. The Gluco(M) enables users with the convenience of checking blood-sugar levels more frequently throughout the day, thus yielding for better control of glucose in the blood stream.

glucom medical wristband

glucom medical wristband

glucom medical wristband

glucom medical wristband

glucom medical wristband

Designer : Eli Hariton

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167 thoughts on “Gluco(M) Wristband Monitors Your Blood Glucose Levels

  1. I would love this bracelet, if it really does what you say. I have a very difficult time with my meters and test strips. Plus the cost of them and the insulin has gone up 200%. We need something like this now.

  2. Need information (price, how and where toget it) about the Gluco (M) wristbands monitor. Also if you have spanish instructions. Thanks

  3. Please how much are your bands as I have a teenage child and this will help him stay I control and have more independence

  4. Hi im from Ireland, where can a wristband be bought and how much please, I am type 1 and post Liver Transplant. If it does what it say's it would be super.

  5. Hello I'm a diabetic of 32yrs. I am very interested in your product. Also on how and where to purchase the insulin needed and syringes. I use 2 types of insulin, can it handle 2 types? From what I see no, but you are the creators of this seems to be wonderful life saving product. Please contact me a.s.a.p for more information and very possible purchase. My number is 514-742-1973 or

  6. I want to buy this wristband how can i buy where can i find this plz give information this is my no 00966599454527

  7. my wife is terribly sick I need to buy this band please to saver her life,she is diabetic. thanks from Nigeria

  8. This has been out for at least four to five years on the internet. It’s an awesome concept. But is it ever going to be a real tool for us to use? If so I would be interested to being part of the testing or love to purchase one. I have Dietbieties so this would be a blessing.


    Arthur Gonzales

  9. I am interested in this band.

    I am a diabetic for 50 years and very active.

    I play ball 3 days weekly and must test myself

    constantly. Luckily all my friends are aware and keep an eye on me. I carry glucose tablets and a quart of orange juice. All of which I’ve needed.

    Thanks,in advance.

  10. Hi My Name is Suleiman From Kenya,How and where can i order this gadget.

  11. My daughter is 11 uncontrolled glukose levels it urgent were can I get one and how much. Is it available in South-Africa. Pls let me know ASAP

      • Then you need to make this clear in the website, or just take down the site. I’m sorry it hasn’t come to fruition yet but it is unfair for people who are suffering to continue reading about it’s wonderful possibilities when they cannot purchase it anywhere. You know it’s a great idea and there’s a market for it. Now get it developed and let us know. In the meantime, take it down. It’s fraudulent.

  12. Will you incorporate some blue light anti- bacterial 99.999 percent 15-min charger tech. Like, I go take a shower, pop in my charger…and viola device is charged and cleaned. Any plans like that…or likened to. This could be optional charger vise usb-c charger.

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