GKILO Smart Kitchen Scale Offers More Than Just Precise Measurements

GKILO takes your traditional kitchen scale to a new level. The company claims that GKILO is a smart kitchen scale that provides you with more than just a scale. Well, a professional in the kitchen knows how important precise measurements to the cooking/baking result, this scale has been designed to ensure the process is as easy as possible. It looks just like a modern wooden cutting board when not in use, well, it uses only high quality materials, as the designers say that they are crazy about Natural User Interfaces and they use them intensively.

This concept scale features a hidden LED display that appears from the wood when you face it up. when you face it down, the scale switches off and GKILO turns into a clock. It is also equipped with wireless module to make sure this device can interact with other Thingk products and its related apps. You probably wonder how to setup the time and reset the scale since this device doesn’t have any buttons, it really looks like a single wooden block. Well, this device actually responses to hand gestures, this is how you can set everything up.

Designer : Thingk [Pre-Order]

GKILO Smart Kitchen Scale by Thingk

GKILO Smart Kitchen Scale by Thingk

GKILO and its app can work together to give you information more than just weight, you can inform the app what kind of food you are weighing and the app will give you recommendation of cooking time based on the food’s weight. It can also set the timer on appropriate countdown.

GKILO Smart Kitchen Scale by Thingk

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