Génie 03 : A Wristwatch with a Functional Speedometer

Breva Geneve thinks outside the box with its Génie 03 timepiece. This is the world’s first ever wristwatch that has a functional speedometer. Yep, you read that right, a speedometer that calculates your speed using engraved scale marked in miles or kilometers per hour. With smartwatches become more popular by days, it’s important for watch makers to come up with traditional mechanical watches which are also equipped with special features. One of these unique features can be a pop-up speedometer, just like what Génie 03 offers. Even though it’s not a real time indication with constant refreshing, still, this feature could satisfy certain requirements.

Designer : Breva

Génie 03 :  A Wristwatch with a Functional Speedometer

Génie 03 :  A Wristwatch with a Functional Speedometer

This elegant watch is fitted with patented instant speed scientific measurement mechanism, the extrusion mechanism creates a unique look. When you need to use the speedometer to indicate the speed, extend/open it to get exposed to the moving air. It stands 6mm above the watch, the classic device measures wind speed using its red hand against printed inner speed indexes. The engraved lacquered field can be used for external speed scale on speedometer’s bezel. You can read it instantly without any calculating, it display the speeds of 20 to 200 km/hour or 10 to 125mph.

Génie 03 :  A Wristwatch with a Functional Speedometer

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One thought on “Génie 03 : A Wristwatch with a Functional Speedometer

  1. what happens if there is wind blowing at you from head on? A 20mph gust of wind towards you while traveling at 40mph… the watch says you are going 60mph???

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