Garmin GPSMap 640 Product Review

How does it feel when you are new to a place and cannot find a destination easily? This is definitely an embarrassing situation and the GPS systems were invented to solve these sorts of problems. GPS or Global Positioning systems are used to map the location of the vehicles and it also directs the vehicles to find the correct locations. It uses the signals sent by the satellites revolving around the earth in specific orbit and the inbuilt GPS receiver catches the signal and transforms it into understandable directions. The GPS satellite generally transmits two different types of signals- L1 and L2.

garmin gpsmap 640

Garmin has always been as the most important name among the GPS manufacturers because they pioneered the technology. There are quite a number of systems manufactured by Garmin and the latest launch is known as one of the most efficient products available in the worldwide market of GPS gadgets. This is called GPSMAP 640. The product can perfectly fit in the requirements of any user. You can easily install it in your vehicle to achieve extremely convenient rides. The system is compact and portable. It can capture the signals easily to aid the driver and the navigation system is quite easy to handle. The universal remote control increases the efficiency of handling the system.The system is very much hardy and it is absolutely water-resistant. So there is no chance of the system getting damaged in case of water-logging or heavy shower. The 5.2 inches broad display acts as a touch screen navigation system that implies the WVGA technology. There are numerous maps featuring the streets, charts of destinations and location descriptions that allow the driver get an overall idea about the area to be explored. GPSMAP 640 is a complete and self-explanatory device that allows you to browse the various options with ease. The integrated GPS receiver is efficient enough to work in all locations.

If you wish to get more features and facilities then go for the GXM 40 antennas that are compatible with the system and area available separately with Garmin. This will include the visual display with the options to feature the weather reports and speed of the wind. If there is any chance of natural calamity you will be informed with the GPS system. Two of the other important features of this GPSMAP 640 system are network media player and online backup services that keeps this system working always.

The navigator offers an extensive collection of street maps and charts to help with navigation, and the unit features a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that will work in many locations other similar solutions will not. Browsing through the unit’s menus is intuitive, and the GPSMAP 640 responds via tap or drag operations. An optional GXM 40 antenna is also available (sold separately) that provides a graphical display of XM WX Satellite Weather data, including NEXRAD, wind speeds, visibility, severe weather storm tracks, etc. The system is targeted for both United States and worldwide markets. The Garmin GPSMAP 640 will soon be available for $1,199.99.

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