Futuristic Uber Flying Car Concept for Aerial Taxi Service in 2023

During second annual Elevate conference in LA, Uber unveiled its “Flying Car” concept. It’s an air taxi that looks like a drone, ready to take you to your destination. This futuristic aircraft is hoped to serve as an aerial taxi service by the year of 2023, instead of having a tiltrotor, this futuristic air taxi features four stacked rotors along the spine to give it a lift, they can be stow away when landing. The fifth rotor on the tail allows this aircraft to have forward propulsion, just in case one rotor fails, other rotors would still operate for a safe landing.

Futuristic Uber Flying Car Concept

Uber explains that this initial concept experimentation offers a glimpse of great potential of futuristic air taxi that offers quieter performance than those traditional paired rotors vehicle. This flying car would be all electric and fly at an elevation of 1,000 to 2,000 feet. Uber envisions that thousands of their flying taxis would shuttling passengers between rooftop and landing sites in the cities. At first, this flying taxi would be piloted by human, but eventually, it’ll fly autonomously. According to TheVerge, Uber also has signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA to develop air traffic control system to manage this possible futuristic autonomous aircraft.

Futuristic Uber Flying Car Concept

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One thought on “Futuristic Uber Flying Car Concept for Aerial Taxi Service in 2023

  1. Mass produce Uber, love this, test in So CA.
    Radical idea.
    & need models for:
    Cargo, VIP, Commercial, MedEvac alone.

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