Futuristic Laptop by Felix Schmidberger

Felix Schmidberger has designed a futuristic laptop which might be used around 8-10 years later. Say good bye to conventional keyboard, this futuristic laptop is using a touchscreen OLED display, including the screen too, basically the OLED display is separated into two section, the screen and the keyboard.

compenion futuristic laptop


You can also control the laptop by a senstylus pen or by hand. Besides using the laptop as portable office, you can also turn the laptop into home entertainment system by the help of external docking system. The compenion (the laptop name) is going to be able to adapt to the environment, you can use projector for viewing video or when you’re at the office, you can use the external keyboard.

futuristic laptop

Although it’s just a concept, it doesn’t mean that this laptop won’t be launched, expecting around 2015 we can already use this laptop, we’ll see …

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8 thoughts on “Futuristic Laptop by Felix Schmidberger

  1. Wow, this futuristic laptop is really cool! I saw some website publish a similar futuristic laptop but not sure it is a true one.

    I look forward to see this touchscreen thingy will be able to use it commonly in the next 5 years. Do you think it is possible?



  2. Now this I like.

    Very Cool.

    Got 2 be watertight, dirttight, EZ to use, EZ to service?


    Hey Dell produce this.

    Id buy one.

    & add expandable Viewplate screen for Bigger views & built in webcam with 180 arc sweep.

  3. That would be a cool idea, especially if hardware could get that flat! if only! and not over heat as well! its sad to see you take away the keyboard though, and turn it into a touch screen one, i really love the feel of a smooth laptop keyboard especially if its well made, i feel more comfortable being able to maneuver around a material keyboard rather than one like my iphone.

  4. If u make a such kind of website, from where we the people can know about the futuristic product,that will be better for us

  5. ahahahahahha this is hillarious

    the laptop of the future "wearing" windows vista :))))

    perhaps if the foto was designed like in 2002-2003…

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