Futuristic ICU Bed

The aim of ICU Bed is to assist in improving the quality of intensive care of patients in very critical condition thanks to its innovative design solution for Intensive Care Units and Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Units. Design of ICU Bed was developed by Daniel Pavlik as project in cooperation with Linet company. Main intention was to create modern, almost futuristic, unified design which matches all strict safety standards. Combination of white and light gray color is chosen not only because of its aesthetic harmony but also because of its hygienics qualities (dirt could be better seen on white surface). Well the result is indeed a futuristic ICU bed, hopefully this doesn’t make the patients afraid to lay there or feel trapped inside those transparent frame.

icu bed concept

icu bed concept

icu bed concept

Designer : Daniel Pavlik – Institute of Art and Design in Pilsen, Czech Republic, [email protected]

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