Future Skateboard Car Concept

This is a sportscar concept that with skateboard design. Using only 10″ in diameter wheels, flat and deck-style body, I can see my future skateboard in this car concept. You can fold the two seats flat when your park the car, and open it again for the ride. According to Florian Dobe, this is called “Sculpture Mode”, envisioning the vehicle can enhance the space it’s parked in.

future skateboard car concept

future car concept

go cart car concept

futuristic car concept

future skateboard car concept

Designer : Florian Dobe

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12 thoughts on “Future Skateboard Car Concept

  1. I love this car! You should give one of these to someone to use. That would get the attention that is needed to help with selling this great car!

  2. I can see a Rental market for this car in locales like:




    But it must have a trunk for picnic etc.

    Be a unique ride.

    Only for Fair weather.

    NOT for the UK or No EU.

    Id be neat to drive.

    Only for Sunny climates or Clear skies.

    Rural use, 2 lane Hwys.

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