Frost Electric Car by Anders Gloslie

Anders Gloslie, a Norwegian designer who is studying at IED Tornio currently in Italy, developed the FROST concept electric car. The stylish exterior design of this extraordinary car was enthused by and developed to suit arctic climate conditions. The asymmetrical bodywork of this car was influenced by formations of ice and features plenty of ‘cracks’ which cover the lighting systems. This motivating natural inspiration source also denotes that the idea takes of various shapes seen from different angles. The FROST concept layout mixes the proportions and the 2-seat design of a racing car with the rough potential of an off-road vehicle.

think frost futuristic car concept

think frost futuristic car concept

Anders says:

“Since most of the worlds power supply comes form water, I wanted to use this as a concept. Th!nk is a Norwegian brand, so I also got inspiration from arctic clima. Arctic clima+water=Ice. Freezing water creates natures most powerful force. So that would be good to use for an electric car as an inspiration and concept for clean power. I wanted to create something different from all other works i have seen, mixing sports car looks with off road set up.

Using the non symmetric structures of ice as styling inspiration. Creating hard edgy and non symmetric surfaces. I wanted the car to look different, when its seen from different angles. The cracks in the body, hides signal lights over each belt, as the original think cars do. The huge fans at the back, controls air onto the cockpit also, and adjust the engine and cars temperature. The information hose at the back sends data about weather,temperature and all information thats needed, viewed from inside the car, and also outside. The data information will be shown on screens near at the fans, at the back of the car. That means you can operate the data info from the outside.

This 2 seater car has AWD, 4-wheel steering, independent suspension and hydraulic wheel extenders, for maximum traction and maneuverability.”

think frost futuristic car concept

think frost futuristic car concept

think frost futuristic car concept

think frost futuristic car concept

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think frost futuristic car concept

Designer : Anders Gloslie

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  1. Luigi is right. The artic is in danger. After all, it grew about 25% last year.

    Seriously, educate yourself and get off the global warming bandwagon.

    This is a great idea.

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