Frog Design Modernizes The JukeBox, The Result is TouchTunes Virtuo Smart JukeBox

As far as jukeboxes are concerned, most users feel quite frustrated with today’s jukeboxes complex and tiresome interface. The overall experience at the end appears to be generic and less engaging. To engage with the users who are habituated to digital music selection, jukeboxes need to undergo modernization. Now that the TouchTunes Virtuo has been introduced into the market, people are quite enthusiastic about its usage. Taking people to a different world of music and entertainment, TouchTunes reinvigorates the experience of listening to music in a club. Matching with the shifted expectations that music lovers have of digital music experiences, this new smart juke underwent a modern design in its form and function as well.

Designer : Frog Design

TouchTunes Virtuo Jukebox

TouchTunes Virtuo Jukebox

Charles Goldstuck, the CEO of TouchTunes Interactive Networks said, “Virtuo is a pioneering device, which will redefine pursuit and change the way media as well as content are consumed. It’s a smart juke for a smart audience.” The Virtuo features a game-like interface that offers new ways to search music catalogues, rather than frustrating the users with infinite lists and alphanumeric scrolling. An LED array just above the interface screen with ambient lights help draw music lovers to the jukebox even from a distance while fusing in with the environment’s ambience. Another interesting feature of Virtuo is its slightly angled, landscape-format touch screen that promotes a shoulder-to-shoulder experience with pals and features an integrated camera, which turns the juke instantly into a photo booth. The jukebox’s smart interface has been designed in such a way that doesn’t confuse users. Users can now search by lyrics, explore songs in a 3D contextual web, which links genre, chronology, influences as well as geography to reconnect and cue them of music they’d love.

TouchTunes Virtuo Jukebox

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