Freeroll : Move Free and Effortless

“Freeroll”, the rollators design conceptualized by Finnish designer Heikki Juvonen, is surely a helpful mode of transportation for the disabled or injured. The biggest advantage of the rollators is that it is user friendly and easy to use unlike the presently available, wherein the user is forced to have external help. The designer has designed the same making the user a part of the device rather than being away from it. The movement is free and is clearly effortless thus anyone with limited ability can use it without much of a problem. The device is a good thought and a probable tool for public service as many will be benefited by this.

freeroll rollator

freeroll rollator

freeroll rollator

freeroll rollator

Designer : Heikki Juvonen via TheDesignBlog

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12 thoughts on “Freeroll : Move Free and Effortless

  1. once again, and i’m afraid – not for the last time- THE LEGS! You people always forget about the legs! A patient needs a place to put his legs on while sitting in such devices!

  2. I do not see how the seat comes down or attaches in the chair mood. But my main concern is the person getting into position for use. For some elderly with limited movement this device would be a risk having them back into it to use as a walking aid. Internal balance would be an issue. I would assume that the walking aid would also be the only choice of seating for them as well?

  3. I use the torpo olypus and was wondering; where are the brakes of this walker? How do you stop it for instance going off hill? I'm 32-year old part-time working mom (and wife ;-)) with a slight walking-impairment and allways looking for a hip and trendy aid. I do like the model, but how usable is it really?

  4. Aren't cloth seats hard on your back? My therapist told me that I shouldn't sit in a cloth seat as it will make my spine twist if I sit in it for a length of time.

  5. Hello wrote you a email, but you did not write back. Why cant we buy this rollator anywhere, is it because of no money??? Cant you Sell the idea to anyone ??? This one is perfect for many people, maybe someone need something for their leg, but Then it is a wheelchair they need i Think. I Denmark we have alother places, Where you can ask fonds for help, hope you Will reply.

  6. I find no answers to the most important questions:
    1) Is it already available ? 2) Where ? 3) For what price ? 4) Can it be sent to Japan ? And 5) most important for car-owners: What are the exact measurements ? (length?, width ? weight ?)

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