Freedom360 Forklift Truck Features Triple Rotation Function

FREEDOM360 forklift truck has been designed with triple rotation function in order to improve work efficiency. Unlike traditional forklifts, FREEDOM360 can rotate its chassis, cab, and front fork horizontally. This feature dramatically improves work efficiency especially for short-distance transportation. Tight space is not an issue for this forklift truck to keep on working because it doesn’t require a turning circle. The driver can control this forklift through the touch screen control panel. The battery is located underneath the vehicle where its weight can provide greater stability.

Designer : Yao Xinglei

Freedom 360 Forklift

Freedom 360 Forklift

Freedom 360 Forklift

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4 thoughts on “Freedom360 Forklift Truck Features Triple Rotation Function

  1. It took them long enough to even come up with this concept. Now, it’s a question of when this convenient little lifter will become a reality.

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