Forms Reflects the Change of the Future World

The Forms is a futuristic car concept that incorporates the change of future world into its shape to make it sustainable from different aspects. This single seater car features a sleek metallic surface with glossy finish on an extraordinarily designed body that will generate strong appeal on the users. The traditional front side of the car drastically conflicts the unique conic rear portion that covers the rear wheel too, giving it a look like heat sinks. The car has a close to the ground height which enables it to run faster without making much friction. The unique backlight is another notable factor of the car.



Designer : Leigh Hendrik Cosentino

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2 thoughts on “Forms Reflects the Change of the Future World

  1. you wouldn't be able to take speed-bumps or park it in a public parking garage, because those thinks on the end would scrape the ground, you break them and get stuck.

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