Ford Noise-Canceling Kennel Keeps Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

Many animals, not just dogs, are terrified to the sound of fireworks, it’s like the end of the world to them. This New Year’s eve, you can face the countdown to midnight with less worry thanks to Ford Noise-Canceling Kennel, it’s specially designed kennel that uses the same technology used in cars or headphones to protect your dog’s sensitive ears.

Most dogs show sign of fears when they hear fireworks, it can cause distress not only to them but also their owners and families as well.

Ford Noise-Cancelling Kennel

Ford Noise-Canceling Kennel is equipped with microphones that detect the sound of fireworks. Once it detects loud noise, the built-in audio system would emit opposing frequencies to cancel all that noise completely or at least reduce its intensity significantly. This kennel is built from high-density cork, an ideal material for sound-proofing. Too bad it’s just a prototype now, but hopefully this noise-canceling kennel can be the first of a series from Ford to solve everyday problems.

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