Folding Guitar for Traveller

Folding guitar is really a good news for Fredrik Johansson, a airline pilot and a guitarist too, he got sick of getting his guitar onto planes. Folding guitar is a fold-up electric guitar that fits into your backpack which you can take just about anywhere. Made from Honduras mahogany with aircraft-grade aluminium, you can fold this guitar into your backpack in 20 seconds, this is a great problem solving with portable guitars, which look weird and sound worse. You can order this fold-up guitar at DeVillain Guitar Company for $3,370.

folding guitar

traveller folding guitar

folding guitar for travelling

Designer : DeVillain Guitar Company

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2 thoughts on “Folding Guitar for Traveller

  1. thats great! just one thing…what about the strings? there aren't any string in the pictures…wont they just stick to the magnets in the pickups and get bent from..well…being bent?
    or would we have to re-string the guitar every time we take it somewhere?

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