Foldimate Robotic Clothes Folding Machine Folds Your Shirt In Less Than 10 Seconds

Do you hate folding clothes? We bet the answer is yes, most people do, especially those who work at a retail store. Well, here’s your savior, Foldimate Robotic Clothes Folding Machine. It’s your robotic friend that folds clothes for you, all you need to do is clip your clothes at both sides to feed this robot. Inside, there are robotic arms that would handle the folding processing (watch the video below), you will receive perfectly folded clothes, dropped at the removal tray. Perhaps in not so distant future, a complete set of washing equipment would be: washer, dryer, and FoldiMate.

From : Foldimate

Foldimate Robotic Clothes Folding Machine

Foldimate Robotic Clothes Folding Machine

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