Foiljet MR1 Recreation Hydrofoils Vehicle Concept

Many of the auto concept designers are trying to create best of both worlds by being inspired and transforming one means of transport to another one thereby deriving exciting results. Like the new Foiljet MR1 which on the look of it seems to have been designed for sheer fun as it has taken the best of the features of motocross bike and jet ski along with two hydrofoils and a silent energy efficient electric motor all of which together create a mind blowing effect. The motor helps the bike to be raise out of water thereby giving maximum fun to the rider. A nice and cool concept for fun in the waters!

foiljet mr1 personal watercraft

foiljet mr1 personal watercraft

foiljet mr1 personal watercraft

foiljet mr1 personal watercraft

Designer : Matt De Bellefeuille

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2 thoughts on “Foiljet MR1 Recreation Hydrofoils Vehicle Concept

  1. Major markets for Tourisim for this:
    HI, CA, GA, FL, USVI, BVI, Australia, Guam,
    Med Sea, Red Sea, Dubai, CT, VA, OR, Minn (lakes) .
    Must have a 2 seater model.

    Looks like FUN 2 ride.

  2. Bardzo ciekawa koncepcja i wydaje się być całkiem realna w sportach motorowodnych.

    Very interesting concept and seems to be quite real in water sports

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