Flowerpot EYE Allows You To See the Root System Of A Plant

The EYE is an innovative flowerpot concept that can control the humidity and other conditions of soil, light level and an ambience temperature for a healthy environment for the plant and complement to any interior with its great visual representation. Moreover, the flowerpot enables the root system of the plant to be seen through an intuitive display, making it possible to see the inner development of a plant. This concept can be used for educational purposes to know a plant better by unveiling the part of a plant that was hidden earlier. The concept uses chemical reaction between the substances through electric energy, making the healthiest condition for the plant.

flowerpot eye

flowerpot eye

flowerpot eye

Designer : Olga Kalugina

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One thought on “Flowerpot EYE Allows You To See the Root System Of A Plant

  1. Must for basic Biology classes & Sciences alone for kids & teens, Neat idea.

    Now expand for other plants?

    Blue Agave cactus (tequila) or the plants that make Rum? or Choclate etc.

    How Radical

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