FLOAT Tea Set by iAN Yen

iAN Yen, a Taiwanese designer, has submitted his latest project, Float Tea Set. This tea set design features modern cast iron design that consists of a Teapot and matching teacups. Minimalist yet unconventional, the teapot is designed with full-moon-like handle and straight pointing spout. The ink tones of Float is brilliantly polished to shine with variations while pouring and sipping, it looks like a splash-ink, a unique technique of Chinese ink-painting.

Inspired by the architecture of V-shaped valleys forming in mountains, the base of Float offers a unique shape that also functions as a radiator and a stand. This sophisticated form represents the symbol of hidden streams in the valley as the designer’s object imagery hinges on what’s unseen, which might be called Dao (or Tao) – the underlying flow of the Universe.

Float Tea Set by Design YXR

Float Tea Set by Design YXR

Dao, shapeless transforming watery in ancient Chinese philosophy is considered as something to “float on” and “swim in”. Literally, it means “way” or “principal”, a non-dual concept, something that can describe water. just like water, it is soft and quiet yet immensely powerful. iAN Yen wants to address this form perception in poetic and philosophical way, user can either enjoy tea alone or entertaining guests with “Float” where the vessel in motion would change its aspects at every turn and salute. The mountains-like lid knob and valleys-like base gradually transform into fog and mist. It creates a connection between “Virtual and Real” concepts to “Dynamic and Stillness” ideas, iAN Yen wants you to experience the expression of “Float” rather than emphasizing visual resemblance to a form.

Float Tea Set by Design YXR

More images of Float Tea Set:
Float Tea Set by Design YXRFloat Tea Set by Design YXRFloat Tea Set by Design YXRFloat Tea Set by Design YXRFloat Tea Set by Design YXRFloat Tea Set by Design YXR

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