Flickering Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker Features Soothing Flameless LED Glow

Create cozy ambience without any effort, thanks Flickering Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker. It creates a comfortable environment through music and its flame flickering effect. Play your favorite music, enjoy 360 degrees of sound, dim the light in the room, and enjoy that soothing flameless LED glow. It might not be a centerpiece, but it would be a lovely addition to any space. What a lovely device for your get-togethers with friends or perhaps some alone time, just enjoying the moment with your favorite tune and a nice ambience. The battery lasts for about 7 hours, you can also choose to turn off the LED lights and get to enjoy up to 30 hours of music. [Buy It Here]

Flickering Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker

Flickering Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker

Flickering Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker

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