Flash Communicator Translates Your Voice into Morse Code

Flash Communicator translates your voice into Morse code in real-time. It looks like pretty cool concept for victims in remote areas to be located and rescued more efficiently. The main goal of this project is to design communication device which can be used in the event of natural disasters, since most of the time when disaster happens, electrical supply is blocked and communication is virtually impossible which make it harder to locate any survivors.

This device can also be used as a simple flash light to alert anyone that might pass by. Survivors can also inform rescue team about their current location and situation by pressing the “communication” button and speaking through the microphone. The Visible Light Communication (VLC) transmitter changes that voice into light in Morse code which then received by other VLC receiver that recognizes the light. VLC receiver translates back the light into voice for the rescue team. It’s a great little tool to be place in buildings or staircases.

Designer : Kim Minsoon

Flash Communicator by Kim Minsoon

Flash Communicator by Kim Minsoon

Flash Communicator by Kim Minsoon

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One thought on “Flash Communicator Translates Your Voice into Morse Code

  1. Must for all boaters, yachts, cruise ships, USCG, USN, lifeguards worldwide alone
    & Harbor Patrol
    Awesome concept.

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