Fisker Orbit Electric Smart Shuttle for Future Smart Cities

Smart city is our future, it’s undeniable that are progressing toward the world where everything is connected. Fisker Inc. aims to contribute to this world through Fisker Orbit Electric Smart Shuttle. The company would team up with China-based conglomerate, Hakim Unique Group, to design and develop autonomous shuttle for smart cities across the globe. These both firms have similar vision in new mobility trends and integrated smart city concepts, they want to bring EV technology to life with powerful combination of infrastructure and cutting-edge electrically powered transportation.

This cooperation would include design, development, and integration of Fisker Orbit shuttle vehicles to the futuristic Hakim Unique’s smart city. The technology and development are going to be the responsibility of Fisker while Hakim Unique Group would responsible for marketing and operation in Asia. There’s no further detail from Fisker about the concept vehicle, but from the preview, it looks like the shuttle is designed to look like a pod with optimum interior space. The side window displays information about departure time and next destination station. Hopefully we get to see more details from Fisker soon.

Fisker Orbit Electric Smart Shuttle

Fisker Orbit Electric Smart Shuttle

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