Fisker Karma Hybrid Sports Car

Fisker Karma is a hybrid sports car with sleek and luxury design. This environmentally friendly car is powered by Q-Drive, a system developed by Quantum Technologies that combines a four-cylinder engine sending power to a generator to propel the four-door sedan. Fisker claims that Karma can perform at 0-60 mph in 6 seconds, top speed of 125 mph, pretty cool for a hybrid car.

Fisker Karma has two different modes, “Stealth Drive” which is a pure electric mode and “Sports Mode” which integrates the four-banger for peak performance, and according to Fisker, this will make the Karma sound like a combination of a jet fighter and an F1 car.

fisker karma hybrid car concept

fisker karma futuristic hybrid car concept

fisker karma future hybrid car concept

fisker karma hybrid green technology car concept

fisker karma hybrid environmentally friendly car concept

Designer : Fisker via IGreenSpot

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One thought on “Fisker Karma Hybrid Sports Car

  1. This Car Id drive & being Hybrid even more.

    Love to see for Rental use worldwide

    My Options:

    Bose CD system

    Auto pilot Nav system

    Touchscreen controls

    Manual drive Override

    Max speed: 110 mph cruise.

    Range 800 miles.

    counter solar glare windows.


    Multifuel engine.

    Ergonomic controls

    DVD unit rear seats.

    Models: streach Limo.

    Coupe, sedan.

    Made with business model concept.

    Id rent this worldwide.

    Any agency etc.


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