Ferreti 560 Yacht (r)evolution with Two MAN V8-900 Engines

The Ferretti 560 is the latest and final model of Ferretti Yachts, waiting to be unveiled on the International de la Plaisance 2009 festival in Cannes, which took around two years to get into its current redesigned shape of the flying bridge of its previous versions. In this connection, Ferretti Yachts has signed a long-term partnership again with Studio Zuccon International to realize the ambition of the F560. Studio Zuccon was mainly responsible for lightning and space guiding principles, additionally; they conceived an innovative window design for the project, distinguished by portholes on the main window’s sides. This creative design really worked well with the blanched oak wood furnishings and warm tones of the interiors, increasing natural light in the lower deck.

Despite the relatively modest size of the yacht, it houses three cabins – a comprehensive master cabin, a double cabin and a twin cabin, each with own private bathroom. The F-560 comprises two MAN V8-900 engines and has a top speed of 32 knots.

ferretti 560 yacht revolution

ferretti 560 yacht revolution

ferretti 560 yacht revolution

Designer : Ferretti Yachts

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