Feel The Samoo Style in Taekwondo Park World Headquarters

Taekwondo ‘One’ is a concept design for Taekwondo Park World Headquarters which is actually a beautifully landscaped and wisely organized woodlands, valleys and natural streams. Moreover, the park associated building complexes are designed to be a world cultural heritage center highlighting the beauty, sport and spirit of Taekwondo as well as the Korean culture. The designer has envisioned various complexes inside the Park such as the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation, Korean Taekwondo Federation, World Taekwondo Federation, World Taekwondo Headquarters, CISM Taekwondo Committee Headquarters, Myungingwan, Taekwonjeon, visitor and exhibition centers, a sports arena, premier lodging and training facility and most of all, a cultural tourist spot for visitors.

taekwondo park world headquarters

taekwondo park world headquarters

Taekwondo Park would be a great place for visitors to discover the artistry of Taekwondo, Korea. This place will offer various embodiment training sessions such as Body ‘One’ to prepare body, Mind ‘One’ to inspire the mind and Spirit ‘One’ for complete the spirit. The main goals that this design has emphasized most is to develop a world cultural heritage spot and create a place that promotes the research, education and practice of groundwork for visitors all over the world. Moreover, this concept would be a center to promote Taekwondo and Korean art and culture through an international network. This mega-construction will also provide the opportunity to promote sustainable and socio-cultural synergy between the local markets.

taekwondo park world headquarters

taekwondo park world headquarters

taekwondo park world headquarters

Designer : Samoo Architects via Bustler

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3 thoughts on “Feel The Samoo Style in Taekwondo Park World Headquarters

  1. I can see this replicated, modified for:

    Napa Valley CA

    Santa Barbara area CA

    Carmel CA

    Big Sur CA

    Hilo HI



    Upstate NY






    Be neat to have similar in the US,Mexico.

  2. I am so looking forward to this becoming a reality. The only problem though is with a structure like that, I wouldn’t know whether to go there to sharpen my taekwondo skills or just plain take a look at the building.

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