Faucet Water Symphony by Aleksander Mukomelov

When we touch a tap to open water flow, we certainly leave some bacteria and dirt on it, which we take back after having washed our hands when we attempt to close it. The Water Symphony concept comprises an electronic device for the mixer tap, with which you can adjust all the needed functions such as water temperature or pressure precisely and quickly without touching it. There is an OLED display on the top of the tap, showing water temperature, its pressure and the spent amount in liters for one time. Moreover, the tap includes a microphone and sensors that can sense an object’s proximity.

The water pressure and temperature control unit is fitted under the sink which is consists of two parts. One is the microprocessor that processes the incoming signals of the peripheral sensors and the microphone, in order to control the water pressure and temperature adjustment. Another component is the water pressure and temperature adjustment device. All the processes are carried out through electric network feed and the water is heated through the heating elements. Adjusting the water pressure is executed through opening and closing a valve and water heating requires a particular amount of time excluding the odd energy consumption and heat loss for a constant heating.

faucet water symphony

faucet water symphony

Having come to the sink, the user will pronounce the needed water temperature and when the hands are taken to the tap, the motion sensor sends the required signal to start water flow with the preset temperature. If the user wants to adjust the water pressure, approaching just a finger over different sensors will provide different water pressure. The overall procedure takes less than 2 seconds and settings are saved until next session begins.

The Water Symphony can work in both constant water supply and motion sensors modes and is a perfect solution for those who cares for health and hygiene, and keeps up with time.

faucet water symphony

faucet water symphony

Designer : Aleksander Mukomelov

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