EXO : Smart Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Construction Workers

EXO is an innovative concept suit for construction workers. In not so distant future, let’s say 2025, construction in the US is expected to become a $15 trillion industry. We believe construction technology would have been adapted to meet the demands of modern and complicated job site, hopefully protective safety equipment is also updated.

EXO concept is a set of smart and connected safety products that consists of an assistive respirator, responsive hard hat, and adaptive hearing protector. Each safety device has been design specifically to increase the protection significantly without burdening the user.

Assistive Respirator
This concept device is designed to guide user to the complicated world of protective filters as well as ensure proper use. Each construction job requires different set of filters and cartridges in order to optimize the protection. Each element must be considered so that the user knows when it’s time for a replacement. This smart respirator also monitors for proper fit and seal, alerting you when some adjustments needed.

The air filter kits are packed with a selection of supplies for different jobs. User can pair it with a mobile app to monitor the usage as well as lifespan for each filter.

Responsive Hard Hat
It’s a perfect hat for a construction worker, it’s an affordable and durable solution equipped with advanced technology to protect user from job site risks such as shock, heat, exhaustion, and fall accidents. Just in case a worker has accidentally fallen, a warning signal would be automatically sent to others on the job site, sending the victim’s GPS location for faster rescue operation. This hat is also equipped with sensors to monitor heat and exertion levels, this hat helps to prevent dehydration or overexertion.

Designers : Adrian Taylor and Engin Hassamanci for Pushstart Creative

EXO - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by Adrian Taylor and Engin Hassamanci

EXO - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by Adrian Taylor and Engin Hassamanci

Adaptive Hearing Protector
Unlike standard noise-cancelling hearing protectors, this concept device has a smart companion app that can detects user’s surroundings. The app can identify and mitigate noises commonly associated with a specific type of work. This system comes with pre-build audio reference libraries for common workplaces and with time, it continues to learn and refine.

Adaptive hearing protector alerts user with a subtle reminder when it detects harmful noise levels, just in case user has forgotten to put it back after an interruption. This unit has 3 modes: general (minimize the noise), controlled environment (block repetitive noise by targeting the decibels), and do not disturb (absolute noise cancellation).

EXO - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by Adrian Taylor and Engin Hassamanci

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