ETICA Porcelain Lamp Was Derived from Unsuccessful Experiment

ETICA porcelain lamp project started in an old pottery workshop in Nove, Vicenza, one of renowned places in the world for the production of ceramics. At the corner of this workshop among with other prototypes, there was a cylinder of porcelain, but there’s something strange about it, as if someone had written something inside it.

It turned out was unsuccessful experiment, the workshop made an attempt to apply a colored pigment between two layers of fine porcelain to create a translucent porcelain that would show a drawing. Unfortunately the technique was unstable. Well, keeping this in mind, ILIDE believed that there’s got to be new project made from this porcelain.

Designer : ILIDE

ETICA Porcelain Lamp by ILIDE

ETICA Porcelain Lamp by ILIDE

The result is ETICA, using a light bulb to illuminate the cylinder would make the colored pigment emerge and amplify it. The light is pleasing to the eye while creating contrast between two states of lamp. Turn off the light, all you can see is white structure of the raw material, but when you turn it on, this lamp emits beautiful light thanks to that porcelain. The glass cover is added to protect and envelop the ceramic.

ETICA Porcelain Lamp by ILIDE

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