Erasable Note Wedge Set for Quick Notes or Brilliant Ideas at Work

You need this on your working desk, an Erasable Note Wedge Set. Made in California, it’s a sleek and portable dry-erase board to help you keep up with important tasks or thoughts without wasting paper. Work can get hectic, making notes here and there sometimes, those important notes can get lost somewhere among those paper documents or digital notes accidentally get deleted.

Erasable Note Wedge Set by Joel Heath & Dave Malina

Designed by Joel Heath and Dave Malina, Erasable Note Wedge Set helps you to organize a quick note even better. It’s an erasable panels to work, you can write your to-do list, appointments, brilliant ideas no need for paper-wasting sticky notes. This piece features smooth powder-coated steel with a 15-degree angle for comfortable writing surface. Designed with compact size, this erasable note set fits almost anywhere. [Buy It Here]

Erasable Note Wedge Set by Joel Heath & Dave Malina

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