Equation Geek Watch for Math Lovers (and Haters)

Dear math lovers, this Equation Geek Watch would be perfect for you. This is a unique watch that doesn’t use regular numbers, yes, those regular watches are for amateurs. Call your inner genius out with this cool and stylish watch where you’ll be reading equivalent notation for each number. We recommend you to give this watch to math haters, the look on their faces would be priceless.

This is an analog watch, so basically when you can read time on a standard wall clock, it would be easy to read time on this watch. But just in case you are so bad at decrypting these codes, there’s a cheat sheet available. For example the number 1 is represented by i, an equal to the square root of -1, therefore, i^2= -1, the absolute value of -1 is 1, pretty complicated right? The number 2 is represented in binary code, the number 3 is represented by the cube root of 27, and so on. Ready to call your inner genius out? [Buy It Here]

Equation Geek Match - Cool Gift for Math Lovers

Equation Geek Match - Cool Gift for Math Lovers

Equation Geek Match - Cool Gift for Math Lovers

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