“Enjoy the Ride” Bike Chain Coaster Set by Graham Bergh

“Enjoy the Ride” Bike Chain Coaster Set is a set of unique coasters that declare your love of biking. Each unit is crafted from reclaimed bike chain and bamboo. Graham Bergh is the person behind this cool coasters, he is a savvy recycler, once he took the inner tube of a flat tire and turned it into a cradle for his stereo speakers. Graham crafts these coasters from reclaimed bike chain, bamboo, and of course, protective cork bottoms. It’s a nice gift for bike lover, each one has different image of bike such as tandem, mountain, cruiser, or ten speed. Handmade in Mosier, Oregon, these coasters are easy to clean, simply wipe it with dry cloth. [Buy It Here]

Enjoy the Ride Bike Chain Coaster Set

Enjoy the Ride Bike Chain Coaster Set

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