Electronic Ticket Offers Better and Comfortable Yacht Cruising

Traveling in a mega yacht is certainly a delightful experience. However, the real complexity lies in identifying the ship’s layout. To help passengers stay devoid of the confusion, the Electronic Ticket concept has been introduced. It employs interactive technology that helps explain the yacht’s layout as well as distribution of functional zones. It can be recycled like a subway ticket.

Designers : Bao Haimo, Piao Hailong, Liu Yuancheng, Hu Xiameng, and Qiao Song

Electronic Ticket for Better Yacht Cruising

The Electronic Ticket is set with the necessary information when sold and checked while the passenger boards the yacht. The information is then cleared off after recovering the ticket and is recycled. This facility helps the ship’s management to have an eye on all passengers and make certain the secure disembarkation of all. Its advanced light sensor module helps alter the screen’s brightness according to the environment, enabling the commuter to read the ticket, even in the dark. The Electronic Ticket features a read urgent key, which finds its purpose especially when danger threatens, helping the passenger find an escape route. Overall, this futuristic ticketing system aims to make yacht travel comfortable and convenient.

Electronic Ticket for Better Yacht Cruising

Electronic Ticket for Better Yacht Cruising

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One thought on “Electronic Ticket Offers Better and Comfortable Yacht Cruising

  1. Must for the Megaliners alone IE Princess, Royal Caribbean, etc.
    & for RR Use IE denote Train staitons, depots? Airports.
    Download your personal data & use as ID & credit onboard ship in One.
    Take home card once debugged from your use.
    Produce this BIG time
    Test on Princess, Cunard, Carnival, RCCI, Oceania lines alone.
    Must do testing.

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