Egg Mobile Phone Design is Great for Youngsters and Elderly People

With the cell phone companies vying up to attract new customers, on these lines comes what the designer call as the egg phone. The instrument is shaped in elliptical shape and looks more like an egg. It is a touch screen device with all the regular features like MP3 player, camera etc which all have been synonymous with all high end phones these days. A USB port is available for charging or transferring data. It is available in attractive colors and will surely grasp the attention of all the youngsters, well not just youngsters, even elderly people might love this cell phone because of its big numbers, easy for the eyes. Now, one can say that this is one egg that you really can’t eat!

egg mobile phone

egg mobile phone

egg mobile phone

egg mobile phone

egg mobile phone

Designer : Roman Tubl

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6 thoughts on “Egg Mobile Phone Design is Great for Youngsters and Elderly People

  1. Just because theres large numbers doesn't instantly make it desirable for old people… the over aesthetic and ergonomics doesn't fit that market by any means… I think the elderly deserve more credit than just wanting large numbers

  2. I would agree to Collin. The elderly does not only need a cell phone that has large keypad. Much more, function is given more importance than fashion by the elderly. I also don’t think that this stylish cell phone is perfect for the elderly. Does its features equally competitive as with its style? I hope so. As I see it, it is the phone’s stylish appearance that was highlighted here instead of what the elderly can expect from this phone.

    What the seniors need is a very reliable cell phone, when we say “reliable,” we pertain to the cell phone that has powerful features such as the ability to call for help when an emergency arises. So for me, when people speak for a reliable cell phone for the elderly, I always believe that they are pertaining to Just5 phone. This, for me, is the most reliable phone for the elderly. It does not only brag an attractive style but also very powerful features—features that are too basic but very much needed by the seniors.

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