EEL Three-Wheeler Lightweight Vehicle with Bio-ethanol Engine

The EEL concept is a compact and lightweight vehicle that features functional aerodynamic construction for great energy efficiency. The compact shape of this three-wheeler allows it waving through busy traffic and in between other cars and houses only one passenger and the driver. When turning, it has been designed to lean to the particular direction allowing better control for the driver. This electric vehicle comprises bio-ethanol engine which is completely eco-friendly. When charging through a traditional power point, the covered scooter shaped vehicle looks much like a mobile phone getting charged through its charger.

eel electric vehicle with bioethanol engine

eel electric vehicle with bioethanol engine

eel electric vehicle with bioethanol engine

eel electric vehicle with bioethanol engine

Designer : Muhammad Imran

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4 thoughts on “EEL Three-Wheeler Lightweight Vehicle with Bio-ethanol Engine

  1. This design is beautiful to look at but I wonder how practical it would be.

    1.: the wheel base in the back is not wide enough to be stable unless the entire chassis moves to the side like a motorcycle instead of the front section alone.

    2.: The side of the vehicle are quite a bit high for climbing in and out easily; if the vehicle has any dirt on it (and yes, it happens), then one's trouser's will be full of dirt in no time.

    3.: The plastic around the back wheel seems sharp and almost bent toward the wheel

    4.: There does not seem to be any rear view mirror; I would have expected cameras with a computer display to replace them but there does not seem to be such a thing on the inside.

  2. Needs luggage module rear.

    Otherwise Id drive this or rent.


    Seen other 3 wheel tilt models too.

    But none mass oroduced.

    Great for EU cities.

    Nice style.

  3. I've also seen a few similar concepts such as th BMW bike and Nissan Glider. Even though this doesn't show any solutions to the problems ekscrypto mentioned I beleive it would be similar to them.

  4. Örülök a törekvésének-szép munka. Sajnos, ezt nem lehet biztonságossá csinálni- ez a baj a microcarokkal. Üdvözlet- Wiktor Safety wiktor Keindl

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